Impressions of the Villa Ritz

The Villa Ritz Kindergarten is located in close proximity to the centre of Potsdam, at Berliner Straße 136. This location was last occupied by the Potsdam registry office. The two storey house with an early classical structure is a listed building constructed around 1800 to plans by Michael Philipp Daniel Boumann. The developer was Johann Friedrich Ritz, the valet of Frederick William II of Prussia.

Grounds covering approximately 3,000 sq. m. provide a great deal of space, particularly for a large adventure playground behind the Villa. Enveloped in this architectural ambience, an environment was created in which your child can feel completely comfortable. With lovingly furnished group rooms, a well-equipped exercise space, a sauna with a water pool, a music room with many instruments, and with the large aquarium, each day your child can discover a new aspect of the villa.