Our approach

Our approach to early childhood education employs clear and transparent methods which encourage your child to use all their senses. Young, enquiring minds learn to perceive and comprehend the world around them, while experienced teachers put our approach into practice in a pleasant and caring atmosphere. We focus on:

  • bilingual (German-English) education, learning English with native speakers in a fun atmosphere
  • a playful approach to early musical training with music teachers
  • promoting sensory perception – encouraging use of all the senses
  • promoting creativity – trying out various creative techniques
  • experimental introduction to key maths and science principles
  • promoting motor skills with sport and exercise
  • excursions and expeditions to explore and understand nature and the environment

Areas of education

Elements of musical and linguistic education receive a particular, ongoing emphasis and are a firm component of the children’s daily schedule. Alongside our day-to-day teaching, we also regularly work on projects with activities. More >>


Educational model

The educational work of the Villa Ritz team reflects the needs of families and the modern world. In an easy-going atmosphere, our dedicated teachers offer a round-the-clock early childhood educational and support programme tailored to the needs of today’s families.  More>>


The Villa Ritz offers a series of additional courses that parents can book for their children beyond our standard curriculum. Our courses are based around your wishes and interests and are regularly reviewed. Mehr >>


The Villa Ritz kindergarten has its own on-site kitchen in which all meals are freshly prepared by our chef using organically grown foods.  Mehr>>

Daily schedule

Our core hours are from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm. Evening care follows up until 7.30 pm. From 7.30 pm to 7.00 am, your child can also stay overnight with us. Mehr>>